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Brand partnerships help you proudly promote products you love and provide resources to amplify your message. The right partner understands the importance of authentic, integrated campaigns, is aligned with the mission of you and your community and respects that you are a business owner.

Finding these partners isn’t a matter of sending out as many pitches as possible. It takes effort, care and a focus on long-term relationship building. It’s why databases that regularly change their terms, agencies who want to own all your contacts and DIY “how to work with brands” courses may have failed you before – but we won’t! 

We’re available to step in as subject matter and industry experts at any stage in the influencer marketing process. 

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Wellevation HQ is here to help you articulate your value, communicate campaign ideas that will resonate with your audience while meeting brand goals, and navigate the confusing world of contracts, negotiation and ownership rights. 

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• Develop strategies to assess content performance and audience demographics
• Communicate brand positioning in media kit, website and other marketing materials
• Facilitate in-person, event and/or local networking opportunities
• Customize outreach and correspondence with potential and existing brand partners
• Negotiate partnerships on your behalf to get the best deal for the value offered
• Provide feedback on reporting to measure campaign influence and impact

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who we represent

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