The Influencer MBA is your definitive guide to securing longer-term relationships and more consistent income from brand partnerships. We’ll walk you step by step through our proven process to win new work and deliver results that will keep brands coming back for more.

Whether you are wondering how to get noticed by brands for the first time or want to adapt your existing approach to stand out from the crowd, this program is for you. We eliminate the fluff that most influencer guides provide - this isn’t just about personal branding or growing your following. It’s about stepping into your role as a strategic advisor and consultant to brands so you can be recognized as a valued professional, partner and authority.

You feel overworked from turning around too many one-off projects or stuck because your outreach is either met with no response or a promise to “keep your media kit on file.” 

Pitch and attract brand work with ease

Work with dream clients that resonate with your brand and audience

Increase your income by charging appropriately for the results you provide

Express your value, beyond just audience size

In this online course we empower you to: 

If you’re like many influencers that seek our help…

Balance creative freedom with brand goals

Confidently communicate with decision makers

Establish real, mutually supportive, and long-lasting relationships with brands

Help brands solve their ROI challenges by learning how to report back in a clear and concise way

"Wellevation HQ has been instrumental in taking my business to the next level. Their insight on my overall brand identity and strategy helped me artfully articulate my predominantly plant-based messaging and discover more effective ways to build long-term relationships with brands that align with my nutrition philosophy. Thanks to WHQ, I have been able to elevate my partnerships and gain the compensation for them that I deserve." 

- Whitney English Tabaie, Whitney E. RD

"Finding Wellevation HQ was exactly what I needed to gain the confidence in my skills as a dietitian and sustainability consultant. They helped me see and articulate the valuable services I can provide to brands, and gave me the clarity I needed to feel confident in my pricing, pitch, and niche. This has allowed me to achieve my first $10K month, roughly one year into starting my business. Even without a large audience, they saw the value I could provide to brands as an expert, which gave me the confidence to create a thriving business and focus on the work I love to do!"

- Megan Faletra, The Wellessentials

"Wellevation HQ has been a key asset to my brand and building partnerships! Their tips and support have contributed to the organization, authenticity, and professionalism of my business. As a result, I've built lasting relationships with specific brands that serve my audience over at Cotter Crunch while allowing me to focus on what I do best; being the creative and engaging with my community!"

- Lindsay Cotter, Cotter Crunch

"Wellevation HQ has helped me navigate pricing and proposals for complex projects, along with creating packages that streamlined my services for potential freelance photography clients. They are extremely detail-oriented and organized, very engaged in all communications, and I would trust them to help make any business look and feel more professional when it comes to partnering with brands."

- Ashley McLaughlin, Edible Perspective

What Influencers Are Saying

The Influencer MBA is a comprehensive program designed to give you the professional skills needed to create successful brand partnerships as a business owner, consultant and strategic partner.

Learn how to make brands want to work with you again and again.

The Influencer MBA is unlike any “course” you may have tried before. It’s a legitimate and highly cultivated training program that walks you through a step-by-step process to land, manage and report on brand partnerships in a way that will attract future work.  

about the program 

We know what
brands want 

We are corporate marketers and brand managers turned consultants who founded Wellevation HQ to support influencers and brands in creating successful, authentic partnerships.

We understand how brands and agencies evaluate their influencer marketing efforts, and intentionally designed this program from their perspective. In other words, this is not one more “what worked for me” philosophy, but proven techniques and best practices that will position you for success! The Influencer MBA will teach you how to create win-win partnerships that deliver on brand goals while staying true to your needs as a business owner.  

how we are different

We equip you with the tools to:

In our day-to-day business, we work with health, food and fitness brands including:

GET ALL THE details

After completing the program, you’ll know how to position yourself as an asset, so your proposals are more likely to be accepted and your results recognized in a way that leads to longer-term relationships.

ensure alignment

Bring innovative ideas to the table as a trusted industry expert and adviser

get creative

Confidently set pricing that reflects your value

Know when to decline work to make room for more aligned partnerships to show up

be professional

Easily negotiate without fear of "losing the deal"


Protect yourself, including finances, contracts and the ownership of your work 

protect yourself

Deliver work strategically to secure longer term deals


Build an impressive portfolio of results or ROI you can share with brands

...and much more.

report back

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